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Biomechanics and the Golf Swing Coach

Coach Joey D Sep 14, 2013 3:02:49 PM
Coach Joey D
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I'm always asked what the job of a golf fitness coach is.

Does what I do help a swing coach…or does what I do interfere with what a swing coach is trying to accomplish? Do players even need to work with a swing coach or a club pro if they're working with a biomechanics coach?

So many questions!

And here are the answers.

In a perfect world, I work with your swing coach or club pro, and it's my job to make the job of your swing coach or club pro that much easier. I do that by making sure your body can do all the things that your instructor needs it to do. I have literally watched thousands of hours of golf swings. I know when someone's hips are too tight or if someone doesn't have enough rotational strength around the shoulders or the spine.

These are all things that will negatively affect your golf swing -- and your game.

And they'll also make it that much harder for your instructor to correct your technique. Once I can get your body to be more biomechanically ready to swing the golf club, the lessons that you're learning from your instructor can start to change your game for the positive.

Think of it this way…

Say, for example, you wanted to learn how to play the guitar.

You could have the greatest guitar teacher in the world, but if your guitar is horribly out of tune, you're never going to be able to play very well.

You can take as many lessons as you want and practice hours every day, but all you're going to get out of that guitar is noise. You originally picked up the guitar to have fun and be able to play Clapton-like solos, but instead, your playing is awful, you're miserable, and the neighbors have called the police on you twice.

To truly benefit from your teacher and be able to play beautifully -- and have fun doing it -- you need to have your guitar be in tune. If the guitar is tuned, all of a sudden, everything you're learning from your teacher you're able to turn into music.

You could say that it's my job to tune the guitar. And in this case, the guitar is your Golf Body. Once your body is able to do the things that it needs to be able to do in order to swing a golf club correctly, all of the things that you're learning from your club pro or swing coach can start to sink in. Now, you're playing the best golf of your life. You're having fun and playing the game safely and without the risk of injury.

My work goes hand-in-hand with the golf pro.

On the road, that means I'm working in conjunction with some of the top swing coaches in the game to help players move up the World Golf Rankings. At my academy in Jupiter, you'll see me working with our Director of Instruction Dave Donovan.

And when a player has a team of dedicated professionals striving to make him or her a better player, only good things can happen.

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