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The Golf Swing: Control -- Not Chaos

Coach Joey D Apr 29, 2013 4:40:53 PM
Coach Joey D
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The golf swing is essentially about two things.

You create movement and then you control movement. The movement that you create starts with your takeaway and must be controlled all the way up to the top of your backswing and then down through impact and follow through. The best golfers in the world are able to create and control their movements perfectly because they work at it. A lot. Soon-to-be-better golfers are starting to use golf fitness exercises to build awareness and strength that lead to more control.

What happens if your body can't do the biomechanical things required of it to create the proper movement and then control that movement? All of a sudden, instead of creating and controlling movement, you're creating and -- and then trying to control -- chaos. It ends up being like a really bad sci-fi movie. You're like the mad scientist that creates a race of mutants. His master plan is for this legion of creatures to help him around the castle -- you know, doing things like keeping the laboratory clean and helping with the yard work. Eventually, if things go smoothly, he plans to take over the world with his army of mutant slaves. What happens, of course, is that his creations go nuts. They trash the castle. They head down the road and trash the village. Eventually -- and on their own -- they take over the world and the human race is destroyed.

The bad B-movies of the fifties were conceived as simple morality plays. Their aim was to convince the viewer not to try to create a personal militia of chaotic, violent, undead ghouls. But I bet you see some parallels between these bad movies and the bad swings of a lot of golfers. If you’re the “mad scientist” golfer, you don’t understand -- from a biomechanical viewpoint -- what has to happen in a golf swing. Tragically, even if you do understand what should happen, your body isn’t capable of doing these things. You end up doomed to a continuous cycle of creating -- and then trying to control -- chaos. You slice the ball, you hook the ball, you lack accuracy and power, and -- eventually -- the human race is destroyed.

So, what do you have to do in order to save the world?

You need to create movement, not chaos - and the golf fitness training principles we've used for years can help you do just that. 

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