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Mid-Season Check-Up

Coach Joey D Jul 18, 2014 11:42:07 AM
Coach Joey D
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For a lot of golfers, this is the middle of the golf season.

Memorial Day and the Fourth of July have come and gone and Labor Day is still about a month and a half away. In theory, this is when you should be playing your best golf. Even with the extra-long winter that a lot of the country experienced, you should have shaken any rust off your game by now. And you still have a few weeks before the dog days of August start to really test your stamina and endurance.

You should be in mid-season form. But are you?

I've put together a simple three question test for you to rate how you're doing at the half-way point of the summer. If you're not playing the way you want to be playing, this might just show you why. And, hopefully, I can help steer you back in the right direction.

Question 1 -- Are your legs strong enough to keep you grounded from address through the top of your backswing?

If your legs can't provide you with the stability you need, the wheels are going to fall off your golf swing pretty quickly. If you're a right-handed player, your hips will slide over onto your right side and your left knee may buckle in. These are signs that your legs aren't strong and stable enough to support your Golf Body. 

Question 2 -- Are the muscles of your torso strong enough to let you maintain proper spine angle throughout your swing?

And -- if so -- are they strong enough to let you maintain proper spine angle over an entire 18 hole round?

Once the muscles of the core and back fatigue, it becomes difficult to maintain proper golf posture at address and even tougher to make sure your spine angle is correct through impact. Once your posture starts to slip, it's tough to predict where your club head will be at impact. And -- as result -- it becomes incredibly difficult to predict where your ball will end up.

Question 3 -- Are your hips firing powerfully and correctly? Is your belt buckle facing your target line before your hands reach the ball?

If the hips aren't firing and rotating correctly and consistently, you'll not only lose accuracy, but you'll also be sacrificing a lot of power. Without your hips, your swing becomes very arms-y. You might as well be playing while sitting in a chair. Proper and consistent rotation of the hips is the key to power and distance.

If you answered "no" to any -- or all -- of these questions,

then we've started to discover what may be the current flaws in your Golf Body. Check out the video below to see how you start to address those issues and make the second half of your golf season a heck of a lot more fun and successful.



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