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Power Up Your Game: Six Fun Golf Workouts at Home

Team Joey D Golf Aug 10, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Tired of doing exercises you don’t like? Hate running? Can’t stand swimming laps? Even those of us who are super dedicated to becoming the best of the best don’t like certain exercises. We’d all like to have at least a little fun -- or at least purpose -- while exercising, right? When you don’t enjoy exercising, it’s easier to come up with excuses to NOT exercise. Your consistency drops and your results drop as well.

There is some good news. There are plenty of exercises help improve your golf game. And playing better golf is indeed fun.

The best part? You can perform many of these exercises from the comfort of your own home. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Upper Body Exercises

1. Single-Leg Hammer Curl

The hammer curl is a great exercise for improving wrist stability and muscle endurance. It also helps strengthen your grip, which allows you to maintain control over your swing for longer periods of time. Just make sure you keep your arms shoulder width apart when doing your curls.

2. Tricep Curl

Your triceps bring stability to your shoulders and arms, improve flexibility, and help increase your range of motion from your wrists all the way up to your shoulder blades. They’re also responsible for adding power to your golf swing. The tricep curl is one of the best exercises you can do to increase your tricep strength and flexibility. 

tricep curl

Lower Body Exercises

3. Farmer Walk & Squat

The farmer walk and squat improves your arm strength by working your entire arm from wrist to shoulder. Combined with squats, you’ll hit all those major muscle groups in your body, including your abs, quads and calves.

4. Lateral Lunge

The lateral lunge develops balance, stability, and strength, all key elements of a perfect golf swing! To avoid injuries, it’s important you maintain proper form at all times. Keep those knees bent and try to maintain balance when your leg is straight.

lateral lunge

Core Exercise

5. Medicine Ball Rolling Plank 

The great thing about this exercise is it works almost every muscle in your body -- and it really gives your core a beating. But don’t be intimidated. We’ll show you both the basic and advanced way of performing it.

medicine ball rolling plank

Swing Mobility Exercise

6. Take-Away And Turn

This exercise is designed to strengthen the muscles and ligaments associated with the motion of your backswing and follow-through. Using a resistance band, you can build up those muscles responsible for giving you added power during your swing. You also rotate your hips while maintaining control over your golf club throughout the entire motion.

golf backswing exercise

The key takeaway is to perform the RIGHT kind of exercises CONSISTENTLY. These six exercises can all be performed from the comfort of your home and with a minimal amount of equipment.

If your goal is to develop big, bulky muscles, that’s alright. However, if you’re looking for ways to improve your golf fitness, building strength shouldn’t come at the expense of losing flexibility. No one wants a clumsy swing and limited range of motion.

To see more exercises and full workout videos from our team -- the same exercises used by world-class golfers like Dustin Johnson and Justin Thomas -- check out our online golf fitness programs, as well as our video training platform Hit It Great.

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