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Setting Up Your Body and Spine Angle for Proper Golf Posture [VIDEO]

Team Joey D Golf Sep 29, 2021 11:39:14 AM

In your setup position, it is crucial to know what is going on. “If you’re a player that wants to be better, then awareness is opportunity,” says Coach Joey D in this segment of Coaches Corner.

If not in a correct position, spine angle and setup can absolutely wreak havoc on your golf swing. When you lose spine angle in the golf swing, it becomes harder to maintain your club speed, body awareness and proper golf posture through the duration of the swing.

Here are a few drills you can add to your everyday routine to keep your spine angle and set up in the correct positions. 

Drill #1

golf posture drill vertical

If you take a club and put it behind you (vertically), by placing it on the back of your head and the back of your tailbone, you’ll be able to feel if your back and spine angle is in an appropriate position. If you are too rounded in your upper back, the club will no longer be able to touch the back of your tailbone and you’ll find it trailing away and leaving your body. On the flip side, if you are over-extended, the club will leave, or move away from, your head and upper back. This drill is a solid way to ensure that your spine angle is in check and you’ve established a proper golf posture before you head out on the course!

Drill #2

golf posture drill horizontal

Take the club and place it behind your shoulder blades -- this time horizontally -- with the ends of the club in each hand. This position sets you up to be able to feel what the top of your backswing should be like. If you’re too rounded, it will move your pelvis forward. If you are too extended, you’ll be too upright. This drill gives you the opportunity to stay right where you want to be. Once you set the club back down and you’re ready to swing, you should have the self-awareness to know exactly where your body is in your set up.

Tip: Keep the club behind your shoulder blades and turn into your backswing and follow through to really lock in the muscle memory of this drill.

Any player who can understand spine angle can benefit from these drills. For more drills and exercises you can be adding to your golf workout routine, get in touch with us today. Our coaches are standing by to get you to your best game yet!

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