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Lexi Thompson's Key to Success? Dedication to Her Golf Workouts

Team Joey D Golf Aug 2, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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“She [Lexi Thompson] is probably one of the greatest athletes I’ve ever worked with.” That’s Coach K-Wayne from a phenomenal article written recently by Hally Leadbetter for Golf Digest.

Keys to Success

Lexi and Kolby have been training together for four years. Through her hard work and dedication she’s gained strength and speed, to be sure. But another key factor in their success is goal setting, strategy, patience and communication.

Kolby looks to challenge Lexi’s body dynamically every day by working the entire body through pushing drills, pulling drills and rotation drills. He uses a mix of equipment such as sleds, resistance bands, bosu balls, foam rollers, What’s That Straps, dumbbells, etc. Lexi spends a lot of time working on lower body strength for power and velocity. Think sled pushes, plyo squats and deadlifts, or movements that force you to work from the ground up.

Lexi’s training sessions epitomize focused intensity, speed, and strength. She and some of the guys here have an ongoing joke about who’s program uses heavier weights. (Yep...we have our share of trash talk here, too!)

Training on the Road

In addition to the work she does here at Joey D Golf Sports Training Center, she also has programs for pre- and post-round mobility work when she’s on the road. Lexi is always working hard to be the best she can be. The ultimate goal isn’t to get 1% better every day. Lexi pushes to be 5% better every day. Now that’s a goal!

"What I enjoy about training Lexi, probably more than anything, is just her determination and will to get better." - Coach K-Wayne

Kolby feels proud when athletes he works with perform well -- especially on the game biggest stages. But he’s arguably more proud when they do well out there and come straight back to ‘The Stable’ to crush a workout the next day. It’s what keeps Kolby doing what he does every day. His true passion is to work with dedicated athletes in pursuit of excellence. Lexi has achieved phenomenal success in her career. And there's much more to come!

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