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Golf Workout Program Part 2: Personal Golf Fitness Program Design

Team Joey D Golf Jun 14, 2021 4:03:21 PM

In our previous blog, we talked a bit about our golf workout programs. Unlike traditional fitness training, golf-specific fitness training is a process. A solid program is developmental -- a targeted training program to help a golfer get from where she or he is to where they want to be. Let's dig a little deeper into how we approach exercise program design and how our athletes feel as a result of our process.

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Golf Workout Program Part 1: Embracing the Grind

Team Joey D Golf May 7, 2021 5:30:00 AM

A couple of questions we get all the time at here at the Joey D Golf Sports Training Center are "When will I be done with my program?" and "When will I reach my goal?"

Our answer is simple: "Never."

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Getting IT Done with Adrian and Coach Travis

Team Joey D Golf Apr 14, 2021 8:42:45 PM

Adrian Reed came to the Joey D Golf Sports Training Center about three months ago with some back issues, which kept him from playing his best golf. Coach Travis Lampton was quickly able to recognize that Adrian had some postural issues that were impacting his game. And this was just the beginning.

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3 Golf Training Program Exercises You Can Do All Year Round

Team Joey D Golf Feb 24, 2021 8:57:35 AM

We're really lucky to be living down here in Florida. As long as it's not raining, it's a golf day. Of course, we realize that everyone isn't this lucky. In many parts of the country, the golf season may be as short as six or seven months. We get asked all the time about how someone's workout should change from the fall to the winter to the spring and into summer. It's a great question because there are definitely things that you want to be doing in the off-season or pre-season that you might not want to be doing once you're out playing 18 on a regular basis.

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Shape Up for the New Year with These Golf Improvement Tips

Team Joey D Golf Jan 27, 2021 12:15:10 PM

We've reached early February, which means that if you made any New Year's resolutions a few weeks ago, there's a good chance that you've already broken them. Don't worry! Most folks have trouble sticking to their resolutions. If one of your resolutions was to become a better golfer, though, you're in luck. It might not have been as easy as you thought to go cold turkey on those lottery scratch tickets, but adding a few yards to your tee shot or increasing your accuracy or consistency with your irons is still very much in the cards for 2021.

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Train With The Best At Joey D Golf Indoor Golf Training Center

Team Joey D Golf Jan 5, 2021 6:56:04 PM

We're all pretty good at reading facial expressions. We know when someone is happy and we know when someone is sad or upset. But here at the Joey D Golf Sports Training Center, we know a very unique facial expression. And we see it every time someone comes into the facility for the first time. They may have read our blogs and books and they may have seen Coach Joey D or Coach K-Wayne Tullier on TV, but nothing prepares them for those first initial steps onto the training floor. Everyone gets that same look on their face. It's a look that says: "Whoa! This is much bigger and much cooler than I ever expected!"

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Golf Strength and Conditioning: Golf-Specific Training You Can Trust

Coach Joey D Dec 28, 2020 11:04:21 AM

I've been in the fitness industry my entire life and I've been working with professional golfers for over 20 years. I've written two books -- Fix Your Body, Fix Your Swing, and Hang the Banner, co-written by Coach Kolby "K-Wayne" Tullier -- and I'm proud to be the strength, conditioning, and biomechanics coach who helped three phenomenal players reach the number one spot in the World Golf Rankings (Vijay Singh, 2004, Dustin Johnson, 2017, and Brooks Koepka, 2018).

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2020 Golf Year in Review: 'Tis the Season to Give Thanks!

Team Joey D Golf Dec 21, 2020 7:00:00 AM

To paraphrase Jim Nantz, 2020 has been a year unlike any other. And, generally, not in a good way. While we could go point-by-point through everything that was wrong with the past year, we'd rather take this holiday season to look back at all the things that went right in 2020. Here's a dozen things we're thankful for...

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Off-Season Golf Workout: Optimize -- Don’t Winterize -- Your Game!

Coach Joey D Dec 14, 2020 8:00:00 AM


In a lot of parts of the country, the golf season ends right about the time you're finishing the last of the Thanksgiving leftovers. Depending on your winter plans and travel restrictions, you may get in a few rounds in Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head, but for the most part, once the calendar gets flipped to December, your golf season is over. 

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Dustin Johnson's Golf Nutrition: Eat Like A Champion

Team Joey D Golf Dec 7, 2020 10:05:09 AM

If you've read any of our blogs or eBooks or hung out with any of our coaches for more than 30 seconds, you're probably familiar with one of our primary philosophies: you can only swing the club as well as your body will allow you to. Usually, when we say this, we're referring to the bones, muscles, and nervous system that make up the human body. When they've been optimized to play the game of golf, they'll allow you to swing the club pretty efficiently.

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